Ancient Influences Collection

Ancient Influences Collection

Throughout time men and women  adorn themselves for a variety of reasons.  We chose wood, metal, shells, glass, and gems – almost anything that captured imagination so that we could dream.  The Ancient Influences Collection becomes a part of that dream.

This Ancient Influences Jewelry Collection is based on feelings and actions that exist through time.  The names of individual pieces include bundling, loving, gathering and sharing because they reflect ancient values as well as today.

Metal clay is a relatively new way to create in metal.  The finished pieces in this collection are based on ancient influences.  Combining metal, wood and stones with texture  brings you a variety of jewelry.  Each hand made piece is  unique so that each person wearing it shows their individuality.

The Process involved in making Ancient Influences Collection

Micro-filaments of metal combine with a binder and water to become metal clay.  The designer forms the clay into a design and fires it in a hot kiln.  During the firing process binder burns away.  The micro-filaments of metal fuse to become a solid metal so the polished pieces become necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

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