Modern Pearl Jewelry

Modern Pearl Jewelry Collection presents classic pearls in contemporary designs.

Linda Britt combines stones, gems, crystals, pearls and other materials for up to date contemporary fashions.  She encourages you to use the necklaces and earrings in this modern pearl jewelry collection to spice up your fashion outfits.  Pearls look great with denim as well as linen and silk.

Past millenniums and still in the present day pearls represent wealth, fashion and a look into history.  A fragment of pearl jewelry found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess and dates back to 420 BC.   In the first century Julius Caesar passed a law stating that only the upper classes could wear pearls.  Pearls symbolize the purity of the wearer and knights were said to wear them into battle during the Dark Ages.  The history of pearls as the ultimate status symbol makes for good late night reading!  And we still love pearls today.

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