• Red-fan Parrot with flared fan
  • Back of Red Fan Parrot
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Red-fan Parrot


The Red-fan parrot is one of Linda’s exotic bird sculptures made of polymer clay.  It is a unique art sculpture based on the Red-fan Parrot found in the Amazon rainforest. The bird is green with a fan of red and blue that raises around the head when the parrot is excited.  Linda’s depiction shows the fan raised.Head Detail of Red Fan Parrot


Dramatic Red-Fan Parrot

Red-fan Parrot with flared fan

This Red-fan Parrot is excited and flares his red and blue fan as he is foraging for special food.  Is it food that excites him or is there a lady nearby?   

Back of Red Fan Parrot
Head Detail of Red Fan Parrot

A little about this parrot in this habitat in the Amazon:

The Red-Fan Parrot is found in the Amazon Rainforest.  The red and blue fan around its face is usually lays back against they neck.  But if the bird is excited it flares up.  The green feathers of this parrot allow him to camouflage in the trees and it can be seen foraging in small groups and often sits on a branch along the river. 

Before the feathers are placed

The Process

The bird starts with a wire armature, filled with foil and covered with a thin layer of polymer clay. It is then baked.  The feathers are formed from logs of polymer clay that have a design running through the length of the log called a cane.  The log or cane can by cut anywhere and the pattern will show.  Linda shapes the feathers and applies them individually.  When the feathers are in place, the bird is baked again.  The details are finished with a final baking.  The clay provides all the color and paint is not needed.  Polymer is water resistant and colorfast.  This makes for a durable bird that could be set outside in a protected area.  Be careful of freezing temperatures as that can cause cracks and extreme heat could cause softening and sagging.  

The measurements of this bird are 12″ long x 4″ deep x 9″ tall

Red-fan Parrot side view
Red-fan Parrot with flared fan

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