• Silver Bug Pendant with Amethyst
  • Art Deco Silver Pendant
  • Art Deco Silver Bug Pendant
  • Art Deco Silver Bug Pendant
  • Silver Bug Pendant with Amethyst
  • Silver Pendant with amethyst
  • Art Deco Silver Pendant
  • Silver Pendant with Art Deco Bug

Art Deco Silver Bug Pendant with Amethyst


Art Deco Silver Bug Pendant focuses on a cz amethyst for drama.  This handmade silver bug necklace brings the beauty of nature to your wardrobe.  The Art Deco period focuses on graphics and linear design.  This silver pendant picks up on that theme.

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Art Deco Silver Bug Pendant with Amethyst

This Could Be Your Favorite Silver Pendant if you …

..Are an Art Deco fan   

 ..Are an avid gardener

..Love nature and entomology

..Love unusual silver pendants

This Art Deco silver pendant

  • handmade of fine silver (99% silver) 
  • stylized bug with an amethyst cz in ‘ultra-violet’ color
  • 20″ silver chain with spring clasp
  • pendant is 1 1/8″ wide x 2″ long

How is this pendant made?

This Art Deco Silver Bug Pendant, handmade of silver metal clay, fires in a kiln at high temperature.  The silver particles bond to make solid 99% fine silver. 

Note: All metal tarnishes with time. Use a soft polishing cloth or pad to remove the tarnish being careful not to remove the intended patina.

A Little Bit of History

Throughout history artists use nature as inspiration for jewelry.  The Art Deco period, known for the stylized insect forms becomes the inspiration for this silver pendant.   King Tut’s tomb opening as well as motifs from China, India and Japan influence the design of this period and adds to the flavor of the period.  One never tires of the clean linear lines, the geometry and the graphic quality of the designs. 

Additional information


purple, silver


spring clasp


Cubic Zirconia (CZ), fine silver (99% silver)


art deco




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